The Design Process

We aspire to create a product that considers the breed, mobility and sensitivity of your Pet. Fabrics and accoutrements are first sourced locally then further afield and re-cycled when possible. 

Original patterns are crafted, revised and modified; cut by hand, then sewn with machine and hand stitching. All patterns, garments and accessories are crafted in the studio here, a cottage industry started in 2006.

Our goal is to enable Pet Friends and their discerning owners to express a sense of FUN while meeting their practical needs.  

Party Animal Studio.jpg

Style & Comfort

We live on the edge of a rainforest where there are many wet and windy days.  When the temperature drops it is damp and chilly. Most dogs do not like the rain, even the labs and other water dogs who love to jump in the ocean and lakes. Our pets are acclimatized to life indoors so like us they require protection when they head out into the elements. 

When we take our dogs (and sometimes cats) for a walk, hike, or to the campground, they     require a cover. The coats and harness vests that we make keep the moisture out and body heat in, and the addition of reflective tape provides visibility and safety.